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Track Name: Destruct - Breed Of Fear
Front page on the papers
On the headlines of the news
Children are indangered
Your children are abused
Born into disfunction
Born into fear
Welcome to the modern

Breed of fear

Breed of fear in your face
Breed of fear and violence
Grasping onto life
Scared into the silence
Modern breed of life
Breed of fear in your eyes
Your mind is stuck on empty
The future is out of sight
Your running from your fear
Afraid of what you'll find
The fear that's in your eyes
Is what we call our own breed of fear
The breed of fear is in your eyes
Track Name: Destruct - Left For Slaughter
The judge over rules
man's right to live
Sentenced to death
for the life that he lived
Fight murder with death
feed to the cycle
Hypocrisy ignites
through the corporate
punishment cycle
The cycle of corporate death
National news broadcasts the final
Moments away from our
feature presentation
Screen fades to black
the damage is done
Innocent lives put to risk at what cost?

Left for slaughter

Eyes wide open
Eyes bleeding red
Left slaughter
Left for dead
Left for slaughter
Track Name: Destruct - Identity
Can't live like this
Can't cope I'm going through motions
Ready to explode
Surrounded by the fear of being alone
Too young too know
Live fast die old
Won't be taken hostage
Won't be apart of your false identity
Can't live like this
Can't cope with it
Won't live like this


In your mind nothing fits
It's all the same it doesn't matter who it hits
Without a face who are you?
Wreckless nameless forget you exist.
Half the day I slave my self away
To a job that means nothing to me
Pack my like I'm never turning back
This is is shit this life isn't me
Can't live like this
Can't cope with it
Won't live like this
Can't cope with it
Can't live like this
Track Name: Destruct - Destruct
Forced into a warzone
Blinded by the silence
A ticking time bomb
Slaughtered by the violence
Welcome to your future
Your blinded by the cry's
Forced into battle
Condemned by all the lies
Ready to destruct
Ready to explode
March into battle ready to destruct
Track Name: Destruct - There's No Change
Angry voices strike a new war
Millions will never know what they are really fighting
A blind attack on a government issue
False hope under burning skies
An entire generation built on lies
The hope for a change lights the fire in your eyes
What are you fighting
What are you dying for?
The hope for a change strikes a new war

There's no change

Shattered glass breaks off the floor
Stuck living life just like before
I'd rather die trying than live in the same old shit.
Born to lose
Then abused.
Who really has the right to choose
When false words feed your mind decay